St Kitts: Concern over ‘filthy’ Independence Square

Independence Square in Basseterre (file photo).

Independence Square in Basseterre needs an urgent clean-up after two hurricanes left rubbish and stagnant water.

The park, which has been labelled a health hazard, has led to a number of St Kitts residents to venting their frustrations online.

According to SKN News, the fountain in the square “continues to be a growing health hazard, as it is with plastic bottles, plastic bags, styrofoam and other wrappings.”

The foundation’s “stagnant, moss-filled water” is causing a mosquito problem, the website added.

On social media, people have been quick to condemn the state of the park.

“Disgusting really needs cleaning,” wrote Felesia Whyte.

Another user, Joan Liburd, said: “Well Public Works and Public Health better work together to clean it up quickly. Apart from aesthetics, West Nile and Zika viruses are always waiting to devastate a careless population.”

Luh Luh Clarkie said the problem is not just confined to Independence Square.

“Cleaning is required all over St Kitts. Pride in country seems low. Drains are not frequently cleaned, grass and bush and weeds lined streets and road sides and private and commercial dwellings. The mosquito population is extremely high. You cannot enjoy the outdoors at sunset as you are bitten to bits by mosquitoes.”

It appears that some of the rubbish has been removed but natural debris, such as tree branches, remain.

Concerns have been raised over the negative image that the area could leave with visiting tourists.

WIC News has reached out to the relevant government departments but has received no response.



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