Opposition praise their MPs in St Lucia

Philip J Pierre.

The St Lucia Labour Party has praised the contributions its parliamentarians have made in response to the island’s latest budget.

The opposition described Prime Minister Allen Chastenet’s financial forecast as being filled with “empty promises”.

“The SLP notes that the budget has been prepared against a background of a certain mind-set of this government never mind the list of aspirations,” the party said in a statement.

“A mind-set of vindictiveness, high-handedness and a dangerous anti-St Lucian spirit which will further divide and erode the social fabric of this country and further dismisses so-called investigations into SLP Pprliamentarians.”

WIC News has asked the ruling United Workers Party and Office of the Prime Minister for comment but there has been no response.

Philip J Pierre, leader of the SLP, made a number of comments during his contribution to the 2018/19 policy debate.

“The St Lucia Labour Party believes that the so-called investigations are a witch-hunt aimed at intimidating the opposition and forcing us into silence.,” he said.

“It is the first time that an investigation using taxpayer’s funds is taking place and the taxpayers do not know who is carrying out the investigation.

“Let me make it clear, the opposition will not be silenced or threatened by kangaroo court and I have full confidence in the members of my team.

“The Labour party will be resolute in defending our parliamentarians and our legacy.”

A number of public and town hall meetings are planned during the next month by the SLP to discuss the “ramifications of the tax and other measures in the budget.”


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