Antigua and Barbuda’s ONDCP acquires EyeDetect technology

The Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) in Antigua and Barbuda is to start using EyeDetect vetting technology.

Described as “advanced lie detection technology”, the department has said it will help in its fight to “take the profit out of crime, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity of its personnel.”

The EyeDetect system was presented to the ONDCP by Roger Branche, a forensic psychologist and owner of Forensic Psychological Services, a leading company in integrity screening services that supports National Security Units in the Caribbean.

The system measures bio-cognitive responses, such as changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, eye blinks and fixations.

Monitoring the behaviour of the eye has been proven to determine truthfulness with an 86% accuracy, according to a press release from the ONDCP.

Additional screening process

According to ONDCP’s director Lieutenant Colonel E Croft, “due to the heightened threat of terrorism and other global concerns, security vetting is of utmost importance in keeping our society safe.”

However, that safety is dependent on the caliber of the country’s national security personnel, which require the selection of individuals with high integrity standards and the continued engagement of honest and dedicated officers, the ONDCP has said.

The tool will help maintain ONDCP’s high standing nationally and with other international law enforcement agencies, Croft added.

The use of EyeDetect will add to the existing screening processes used by the ONCDP, which already involves the use of polygraphy, urinalysis and psychological assessment.

Branche said that EyeDetect is “a viable solution for accurate, enhanced vetting without prejudice, cost or effort.”