Saint Lucia moves up in passport power rankings

Saint Lucia has improved its passport power ranking in the Henley Passport Index, with citizens enjoying visa-free/visa-on-arrival access to 145 countries, it has been reported.

According to a news release from Orange Media Thursday, Saint Lucia now sits in 6th place regionally and 31st globally, moving up two spots.

“This marks a new high for Saint Lucia, which moved up its ranking seven spots since 2008,” according to the release.

It noted that powerful passports attract high end candidates willing to develop the socio-economic structure of a country.

This means more quality employment across all of society from lawyers to gardeners, form architects to construction workers. It can all create enhanced infrastructure and sound business linkages for the people of accepting the territories, the release stated.

It quoted Mark Maragh, Managing Director of Henley & Partners Saint Lucia, as saying that a powerful passport or a passport which steadily increases its global ranking is always a more attractive passport.

“People have become more transnational than ever before and want to explore other markets for business, lifestyle or work. The receiving destination, through the Citizenship by Investment Programme benefits as they now have the opportunity to expand its global trade market, benefit nationally through the National Economic Fund, Business Investments, Government Bonds and through Real Estate,” Maragh asserted.

He said it is evident that this country is a premium destination.

Neighbouring territories, Grenada ranked 8th regionally and 33rd globally with access to 143 countries; Saint Kitts & Nevis ranked 3rd regionally and 27th globally with access to 151 countries while Antigua & Barbuda ranked 4th regionally and 28th globally with access to 150 countries, it was reported.


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