Dominica Red Cross remembers Hurricane Maria

hurricane maria damage dominica sep 25 1155

In recognition of the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, we remember and honor the resilience of individuals and communities in their recovery.

The Dominica Red Cross has released today an overview of the recovery activities carried out in the aftermath of this event.

To the many families who lost loved ones, and everyone impacted by Hurricane Maria our aim has been to provide psychosocial and tangible support throughout the road to recovery.

The Dominica Red Cross takes this opportunity to acknowledge and extend its profound appreciation for the assistance provided by the many volunteers who provided long hours of service.

To the Partner Red Cross-National Societies, local business houses, The Government of Dominica, and Local & International donors whose monetary and in-kind contributions have enabled recovery activities targeting Hurricane Maria beneficiaries, we say Thank You!

The Dominica Red Cross continues to work conscientiously towards strengthening community resilience which has assumed overarching importance for this Small Island Developing State. With the help of all concerned we can become a nation of more resilient and responsive communities.

As we remember Hurricane Maria and the destruction we faced, let us not forget that we are still in the hurricane season and so we can depend on our country to ensure that all precautionary efforts are taken in consideration.

The Dominica Red Cross looks forward to the continued support of all agencies and the public.


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