Sunday, 14th July 2024

Agagpe Flights loads delivery of food and Christmas gifts for the Bahamas

Sunday, 7th July 2024

Agape Flights in Venice is stacking up Christmas dinners and presents to convey to the Bahamas.

It has been three months since Hurricane Dorian slowed down over the Bahamas, causing a 20-foot flood and flooding about each home and business in Freeport.

"A large number of them are as yet living in asylums and living in places that have no running water and no power," said Allen Speer, Agape Flights CEO.

Agape Flights has sent 40 help flights bringing nourishment and crisis supplies to the individuals of the Bahamas since Dorian; however, this flight is extraordinary.

This week, a nearby church is giving 3000 pounds of canned ham, yams, Christmas suppers and presents for the kids.

"Because of the liberality of our gathering and numerous others, they may have a Christmas that they'll recall and a Christmas that unites the family, and a rest from the entirety of different cares and worries that they will confront this year," said Kenneth Blyth, Pastor of St. Armand's Key Lutheran Church.

This exceptional Christmas flight supported by St. Armand's Key Lutheran Church Foundation and will convey the nourishment and endowments to the individuals of Freeport on Saturday.