Tuesday, 16th July 2024

Ralph Thorne rejoins Democratic Labour Party, signifies renewal

Saturday, 17th February 2024

Ralph Thorne with Democratic Labour Party supporters (PC: Facebook)
Barbados: The Democratic Labour Party welcomes back Ralph Thorne, signifying a new chapter for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and its methods of maneuvering a constantly changing political landscape. At 11:10 am on the 16th of February 2024, Thorne made his way to the George Street headquarters of the Democratic Labour Party and formally submitted his application to become a full member of the party.

Last week the Christ Church South MP severed ties with the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Thorne said he was humbled and overwhelmed by the welcome he has received from the DLP.

Thorne stated  “I have come to join this party and its mission to lead Barbados. We know what’s happening in Barbados right now…And if there’s an enemy in Barbados, that enemy is crime, that enemy is inflation, that enemy is the loss of the freedom of speech, that enemy is the fear that Barbadians feel from day to day.”

The former member of the party said that it was an act of healing that encouraged him to return to the party.

“You’ve invited me and I have applied, so it’s a mutual invitation and negotiation rooted in the love of country.”

The Democratic Labour Party President Ronnie Yearwood & Secretary General Steve Blackett were both absent at the time Thorne arrived at the party headquarters.

Thorne was greeted by party anchor Patrick Gollop and Dr Derek Alleyne alongside other Democratic Labour Party (DLP) supporters.

Thorne’s return breathes life into the party which many thought would fall into irrelevancy after their 2022 deregistration before beating all odds and securing a seat in the Victorian Legislative Council later that same year.

The atmosphere was celebratory with Tuk bands and supporters rallying around expressing their support. With all these developments Thorne is currently positioned with a political edge, which many consider is because of a weak opposing voice.

Only time will tell if the decision made by Thorne was right for him and the nation or not.