St Kitts-Nevis: Basseterre traffic lights will rectify issues, says cop

Basseterre St Saint Kitts and Nevis
Basseterre. ©Benjamin Parker

New traffic lights installed on the busy intersections throughout the St Kitts and Nevis capital will rectify a number of traffic issues when they’re switched on, says the head of the police’s traffic department.

Inspector Carl Caines, speaking during a government radio show, said that “our whole objective is safety.”

But in addition to this, he expects the traffic lights to reduce the number of collisions, ease traffic congestion, increase discipline and responsibility among drivers, and add organisation and structure in the way drives behave at junctions.

“We all travel these streets and recognise the difficulty of getting out of a junction. The lights are here to govern us,” Inspector Caines added.

An analysis of the lights is expected at the end of the year to assess the first phase of the project.

The inspector said that the traffic lights will also help to reduce the unnecessary stopping of vehicles in the middle of busy traffic zones and limit the obstruction caused when drivers stop at the side of the road.


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