Relationship building helps healthcare, says St Kitts-Nevis minister

Wendy Phipps.

St Kitts and Nevis’ health minister has stressed the importance of relationship building when trying to advance healthcare in the Caribbean.

Wendy Phipps made her comments as she delivered an address at the 16th Annual Scientific Conference of the Caribbean College of Surgeons Awards Banquet.

In speaking to the delegation of medical practitioners, Phipps said that “a relationship assumes that people, groups, or systems must connect with each other if they are to maintain their integrity and connectedness.”

She then listed some benefits of a healthy relationship, which include having a positive effect on life, assisting with stress reduction, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

“My simple message to you tonight is that the future of healthcare in St Kitts and Nevis and the wider Caribbean is vested in relationships,” said Minister Phipps.

She explained that in three years, the government has been able to establish a chemotherapy-based oncology unit and a day treatment centre as well as double the capacity of the hemodialysis centre.

She also mentioned of the introduction of MRI service and the procurement of a brand new CT-Scan machine at JNF General Hospital by a St Kitts-born doctor residing in Texas, Dr. Andy Redmond.

“These are the types of relationships that will enable us to advance the cause of improved health and wellness for the people of our region,” she added.

“Our Team Unity administration has had an opportunity to see health partnerships develop from the strategic relationships that have been forged over time.”


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