PM Mitchell says he will campaign in CCJ referendum

Keith Mitchell, prime minister of Grenada.
Keith Mitchell, prime minister of Grenada.

Grenada’s Prime Minister Keith Mitchell has said that he will be actively campaigning in the upcoming referendum over whether the Caribbean Court of Justice be the final Appellate Court for Grenada is not a failure.

Speaking to delegates at the New National Party (NNP) General Council last Sunday, Mitchell – who is also the political leader – said that the things being done by his party must be about the good of the country because what is good for the country must also be good for the NNP.

“Our children and grandchildren deserve to have a Caribbean Court of Justice. We have come of age sufficiently,” he said.

“We have to trust our brothers and our leadership to provide justice for us, and therefore I will be campaigning this time.

“The last time my hands were tied, this time it will be loose.”

Grenada is scheduled to stage a second referendum in the last quarter of 2018 on the issue of acceding to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as its final appellate jurisdiction replacing the London-based Privy Council.

Prime Minister Mitchell and his team will lead the ‘vote yes’ campaign on the CCJ issue, which failed to receive the required two-third majority in the 2016 referendum.

There were seven bills in that referendum.

Data from the parliamentary election office shows that less than 35% of the voting population participated in the November 2016 referendum.

The CCJ Advisory Committee, which will be tasked with educating the public about the work of the CCJ and its benefits to make it Grenada’s final appellate court, is chaired by Attorney General Sir Lawrence Joseph.

The CCJ Bill was laid in the Lower House of Parliament on 15 May 2018.


  1. We can trust our brother and sister but we cant trust these politician that give these retired judge a job to lead us into CCJ. I hope and pray the people of grenada they reject the CCJ


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