March election hint from Grenada PM

Keith Mitchell, left, dances at a party gathering.

The prime minister of Grenada has given his strongest hint yet on the month of the country’s general election.

According to Now Grenada, Keith Mitchell told a political meeting in St Patrick that they should “get ready” before saying “on March”.

He than said “don’t say it” – which the news website was said before a smile, and as if he was answering someone.

The prime minister then made reference to his New National Party meeting on 28 January in Beausejour. This has already been widely reported as the expected time he will reveal the date for the general election.

Last week saw the release of the updated voters list, which puts the total of eligible voters at just under 76,000.

Following its release, the main opposition National Democratic Congress urged their supporters to check the list to ensure it is accurate.

“In order to ensure the integrity of the election and ensure it is free and fair, the list must be accurate,” the party wrote on their Facebook page.

“There must not be people registered to vote in areas where they have never lived. Similarly, there must not be dead persons on the list who could mysteriously ‘vote’ on election day. “


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