Defence council discuss national security in St Kitts-Nevis

Meeting of the National Defence Council, May 2018.

Several matters relating to the national security system of the twin island federation were discussed at a the National Defence Council meeting.

The gathering was led by Prime Minister Timothy Harris, who is also the country’s minister of national security.

Cabinet members at the meeting included Mark Brantley, premier of Nevis, Attorney General Vincent Byron Ian Patches Liburd and Cabinet Secretary Josephine Huggins.

The deliberations, which ran for more than five hours, saw presentations from heads of the various security agencies in St Kitts and Nevis including the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force, the St Kitts and Nevis Defence Force, the St Kitts and Nevis Customs and Excise Department and Her Majesty’s Prison.

Addressing Saturday’s meeting, Prime Minister Harris stated that, “All of us who are here have something to do with the security infrastructure of the country.

“This then is a collaborative exercise in which we get input into the security of the state and are able to have a coordinated and coherent response to issues of national security.”

The Defence Council also heard presentations from other key stakeholders from various Government departments pertaining to the integrity of the nation’s security infrastructure.

Established under the National Defence Council Act of 2008, the council advises the government on matters of national security, coordinate national security activities among various Government agencies, enable law enforcement and security forces and agencies of the Government to cooperate more effectively in matters involving national security, and to provide for related or incidental matters.


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