Case against Douglas will be thrown out, say SKNLP

Denzil Douglas is embraced by supporters outside court.

The main opposition party in St Kitts and Nevis believes a court case against its leader is soon to the dismissed.

Over recent months Denzil Douglas, a former prime minister of the federation, has made a number of appearances that relate to his ownership of a Dominica passport.

Earlier this year the long-serving parliamentarian handed over the passport at the centre of the claims, which have always been dismissed by the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party as politically motivated.

Douglas is due back in court on 6 July.

However, a statement from the Labour Party said the case was already a “dead on arrival” and that added that they expect it to be thrown out.

“Tony Ross QC [the claimant’s lawyer] floundered in court on very basic legal questions posed to him by High Court Justice Trevor Warde,” it read.

“Tony Ross, a hired gun by the Dr Timothy Harris administration who it is said has sought to engineer a case that is dead on arrival was visibly unprepared.”

The government has yet to issue any press release relating to the day in court – something they have done in the past, although it appears to depend on the their view of the day’s events.

Speaking outside the courtroom, Douglas told supporters that he would be successful in the legal matters and go on to lead his party to victory in any general elections that are called.


  1. Mine all you buisness and leave Denzil ALONE. YOU all have US,French,British our Beaupere and more passports. Veyé zafer zor langue MALPALENT KI ZOR YE, Le zor encient ce America the Big apple zor ka allez accouché on Visa pour zenfant zor trouver American passport. Trump on my feet kay bon ba zor ban de MACQUELLE et COMAR.

  2. Skerrit, we want answers. Why is this man in possession of a Dominican diplomatic passport? Who approved the issue of this passport and how much did he have to pay? The time of you hiding and avoid answering our questions is over. Will will hold you accountable and you will NOT win the next election!!


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