Sunday, 14th July 2024

St Lucia reports 10 new COVID-19 cases from 174 samples

The Ministry of Health and Wellness on Wednesday 28 April 2021, received confirmation of 10 new cases of COVID-19 from the Ezra Long Laboratory.

Sunday, 7th July 2024

St Lucia: The Ministry of Health and Wellness on Wednesday 28 April 2021, received confirmation of 10 new cases of COVID-19 from the Ezra Long Laboratory.

It comes from a total of 174 samples taken during the period 24 April 2021 to 26 April 2021.

These samples were processed on April 27, 2021.

These individuals were seen at various respiratory clinics where they were assessed and tested for COVID-19.

In accordance with the national COVID-19 test protocol, they have been placed in home quarantine by healthcare practitioners while awaiting the return of their test results.

In the meantime, arrangements have been made to place it in isolation.

The contact search for these new cases is underway.

Confirmation was also received from the recovery of six individuals that has brought the total number of active cases in the country to 89 to date.

At present all active cases are doing well so far.

The new cases bring the total number of cases so far diagnosed in the country to 4518.

As of April 27, 2021, a total of 24,123 individuals received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 1,078 individuals received the second dose.

Tomorrow Thursday, April 29, 2021, the health team will administer the COVID-19 vaccine at the Desruisseaux Parish Hall and the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground.

The COVID-19 vaccine management will cater for individuals receiving the second dose of vaccine and those who are in phase two of the vaccination campaign.

Anyone interested in being vaccinated is encouraged to pre-register via the online platform or at the Community Wellness Center closest to you.

Let us all adopt behaviours necessary to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is imperative to continue to prevent infections and control measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

- Wash your hands regularly with soap and running water

- Wear a mask in public places and make sure it covers the mouth, chin and nose

- Keep a physical distance from others

- Use a bleaching solution to disinfect frequently touched surfaces and frequently handled objects

- Avoid contact with other people who have flu-like symptoms

- If you experience flu-like symptoms, stay away from others and seek medical attention

The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue to provide updates to the public as new information becomes available.

PM Allen Chastanet visits Barbados

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet travelled to Barbados on April 28, 2021 to attend high-level meetings. During the visit of the Prime Minister, specific protocols were instituted for all his commitments. Premier Chastanet returned to the island later yesterday.

In the absence of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Natural Resources and Cooperatives honors Ezekiel Joseph as acting Prime Minister.