Sunday, 14th July 2024

St Kitts-Nevis police ‘investigating Hurricane Irma charity scam’

People urged NOT to donate

Sunday, 7th July 2024

The prime minister of St Kitts and Nevis has said that police are investigating reports of a scam fundraiser exploiting potential Hurricane Irma victims.

The “catastrophic” hurricane, which has just been upgraded to category 5, is hurtling across the Atlantic bringing winds of 180mph.

In a tweet, Timothy Harris said: “SCAM WEBSITE SOLICITING HURRICANE IRMA FUNDS FOR ST. KITTS NEVIS… Police are investigating.”

WIC News was investigating the the purported charitable endeavour before the webpage went offline.

It appeared to be link to a CrossFit exercise company based in Frigate Bay, St Kitts, but only gave vague details of how it would help people affected by the hurricane.

So far the page has raised $10., described as a crowdfunding site for “humanitarian causes”, was the host of ‘The People of St Kitts and Nevis’.

The site has been contacted for comment by WIC News. MORE TO FOLLOW...