Haiti signs a military cooperation pact with Mexico

On the sidelines of the Thirteenth Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas, Enold Joseph the Minister of Defense of Haiti and the Secretaries of Defense of Mexico General Cienfuegos Zepeda and Vidal Francisco Soberon (Navy) signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Mexico and Haiti on Defense Cooperation : exchange of experience, training and cooperation in military matters including support activities logistics in the event of major natural hazards, this is the first defense and military training instrument signed between the two countries.

The conference is taking place in Cancun, Mexico. The minister had a fruitful meeting with the Inter-American Defense Council.

Following this signature, during his speech at the Conference of Ministers, Enold Joseph declared that the Ministry of Defense of Haiti rehabilitated only in 2012 has for main mission the restoration of the demobilized armed forces since more than two decades.

“I will focus on this army playing a quality score in the concert of government action that strives to project Haiti an image of freedom and fulfillment for which fought our peoples,” he said.

“This armed force, in addition to its traditional role of defending the integrity of the national territory against external aggressions and ensuring peace within our borders, is also entrusted with the mission of participating in the development tasks of the country, the rotection of the environment, as prescribed (the White Paper on Security and National Defense for Haiti’s Economic, Social and Sustainable Development),” he further added.

“Facilitated by the Inter-American Defense Junta. We take this opportunity to thank the administration of President Peña Nielo and the Mexican people for this cooperation, which is expected to last beyond a presidential term,” Joseph said.

“Counting on this active solidarity which you will be able to show with regard to Haiti, for your support to help us set up this new defense force so dear to our fathers of the Fatherland,” he said.


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