Sunday, 14th July 2024

Government hands over 68 houses under the revolutionary “Housing Dominica”

Dr. Roosvelt Skerrit handed over 68 houses in George Town

Sunday, 7th July 2024

Under the housing Dominica programme, Prime Minister of Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr. Roosvelt Skerrit handed over 68 houses in George Town, Portsmouth. Houses were handed over in the presence of government officials and ministers.

Notably, the government of Dominica is giving away free houses to the people who lost their homes in the natural catastrophe of Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria in the year 2015 and 2017 respectively.

It is to be mentioned that many people were living in shelters after the hurricane and under the Housing Dominica programme, more than 6 thousand houses are being built to provide the people shelter.

This revolutionary programme is funded by the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBIP). However, not all houses are handed over yet some apartments are still under construction in various parliamentary constituencies across the country.

During the event, Prime Minister Dr Roosvelt Skerrit handed over the commitment letters and keys of the houses to people. He said that the government is doing what they had promised after the devastating Hurricane Maria ruined many of the homes of the inhabitants of Dominica.

PM Skerrit said, “The lord is the one who has planned everything and I am just a vehicle of God who is privileged to perform the duties by him.”

“We are not handing homes to the middle class or upper-middle class people, but handing over homes to those who are in actually in need. We are taking people from plywood homes to climate-resilient homes,”  said Skerrit.

Prime Minister said, “With the keys, we are also giving a commitment letter which is the guarantee of the government that the person who gets it, owns the house and receiver can also get a loan on it.”

PM said he is happy to give away homes not as the giver but just as a common human being because I know how proud it is to own a house.

Dr Skerrit said that Dominica Labour Party has an upward approach that is working with full compassion to fulfill the requirements of the citizens.

PM also discussed the education reforms by the government in past years, he said that in earlier time only a few had access to university education and thousands of the houses were without a university graduate but the Labour Party has helped people in attaining education.

Dr Skerrit said that the Labour Party has always been supportive in improving the Island; DLP has worked untiredly even when the party was in opposition. He said, “Despite being in opposition years ago the Labour Party financed pre-schools, would buy books for hundreds of children and encouraged them to get educated.”