Daughter of Bill Cosby dies aged 44

From left: Bill Cosby's daughters Ensa, Erika, and Evin. ©Time Life Pictures

The daughter of Bill Cosby passed away on Friday night at the age of 44.

Ensa Cosby died in Massachusetts, where the family has a large estate. A spokesperson for her father, Andrew Wyatt, announced on Monday afternoon that her death was caused by renal disease, with Ensa having suffered from kidney problems throughout her life.

Her passing comes one month before her father is set to be retried on rape charges in Pennsylvania this April.

This is the second child Cosby has lost, with son Ennis having been murdered in 1997 during a botched carjacking in Los Angeles.

Ensa is survived by her parents Bill and Camille, her siblings Erika, Erinn and Evin and her husband Martin McLean.

Ensa was a yoga instructor at a studio just a few miles from the family compound in Shelburne Falls.

Bill and his wife Camille spend almost all of their time on the 21-acre estate, and have bought up hundreds of acres of land bordering the property to maintain their privacy.

It is also on that compound where the family buried Ennis after his death, with his body laid to rest beneath the herb garden on the property.

Ensa spent most of her youth in Massachusetts, but was still able to experience some incredible moments thanks to her famous dad.

As a child, she presented musician Miles Davis and actress Cicely Tyson with their wedding bands at their 1981 nuptials, which took place at the Cosby family home on Thanksgiving.

She also attended the inauguration of Nelson Mandela alongside her father, who was one of the South African leader’s close friends.

Ensa was one of her father’s most vocal supporters during his sexual assault trial back in 2017, and in a statement last May on The Breakfast Club said that the accusations being made against the comedian were racially motivated.

‘The accusations against my father have been one sided since the beginning, and when he tried to defend himself he was sued in civil court. I’ve seen the accusations become more horrific and extreme with time and I have witnessed my father’s reputation and legendary work be dismissed without any proof.’

She continued: ‘I strongly believe my father is innocent of the crimes alleged against him and I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal.’


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