Woman ‘stabbed in the eye’ in St Lucia capital

A woman had to be rushed to hospital Friday afternoon after a man stabbed her in the eye with a knife, law enforcement officials have said.

The reason for the attack, which occurred on Coral Street about 5.33pm, was unclear.

Law enforcement sources told St Lucia Times that as a result of the attack, Mervin Edmund was arrested and charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

They said he was detained at the custody suites in Castries.

A video, taken after the stabbing and circulated via social media, shows the bleeding woman holding what appears to be a handkerchief to her injured eye.

A handcuffed man is seen on the ground nearby.

It is reported that the man was held by police officers who were on patrol in the area.

Voices can be heard on the video recording exclaiming that the alleged assailant was drunk.

“The man dead drunk,” one man declared.

Another male voice is heard saying: “Mervin – dat is what you doing?Dirty man garcon!”

One passerby later told St Lucia Times that he has seen the alleged assailant and the woman in the company of each other many times in the past.

Information about the injured woman’s identity and her medical condition were not immediately available.


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