Unions should accept raised offer ‘now, now, now’ – Grenada PM

Keith Mitchell (image from CARICOM).

Grenada’s prime minister has announced a slightly higher one-off payment to public workers, urging them to take it in time for Christmas.

Keith Mitchell’s government and trade unions have been odds over a second one-off payment.

The most recent offer of $650 had been rejected, with the government previously stating that that would be unable to go any higher due to fiscal responsibility laws.

WIC News understands that trade unions are hoping for a settlement between $1,500 to $2,000 per person.

The new offer is $700 each, or $750 for workers of more than three years of service and $650 for those with less.

Speaking during his budget address, Mitchell said: “We are prepared to include in the December salaries of public servants, the additional one-off payments to public servants assuming that the unions would accept our offer now, now, now.”

“This will bring for Christmas, as Santa Claus comes, additional money to public servants, teachers and all concerned.

“I await my brothers and my sister’s guidance in the trade union movement and I know they have a lot of guidance to give”.

There has been no official response from the Public Workers Union or the Technical and Allied Workers Union.

A “re-prioritising” of funds has allowed this offer to be made, the prime minister said.

In November, Mitchell praised the role of trade unions while singling out certain leaders for causing disruption.

Nazim Burke, leader of the opposition National Democratic Congress, accused the prime minister of having an “element of hostility” towards the unions.


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