St Kitts and Nevis government committed to ‘comprehensive’ national health insurance

Eugene Hamilton.

The introduction of a healthcare system across the federation based on shared contributions and pre-payment is a “priority” for the government, said minister Eugene Hamilton.

Speaking in the National Assmebly, Hamilton – who has responsible for National Insurance – explained that the National Health Insurance Scheme is designed to increase efficiency in the healthcare system

It will prove mutually beneficial for all stakeholders in the long-term, he added.

“It is our belief that the wealth of a nation, is the health of a nation.”


A “comprehensive” plan for National Insurance is a top priority during the Team Unity government’s term in office, the minister said.

During the devising of the plan, WIC News understands that a number of organisations will have input to ensure an efficient and affordable service.

These include St Kitts and Nevis Social Security Board and the University of the West Indies.

The high cost of implementing the programme matches the existing high costs of healthcare in the federation, but Hamilton says that planning, collaboration and efficient services can help sustain it.

The latest World Health Organization figures appear to show that St Kitts and Nevis spent 5.1% of its gross domestic product on health in 2014.

“Our approach is that in the end there will be no person left behind,” he said.


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