Grenada government goes quiet as corruption claims continue

CONTROVERSIAL FIGURE: Kenneth Rijock, who runs a blog from Florida. ©Angel Valentin

The government of Grenada has not responded to requests for comment as a US blogger continues to make accusations of corruption against senior officials.

The latest scandal began when a controversial blog run by Kenneth Rijock claimed to have evidence of wrongdoing in the form of text messages between Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and Kaisha Ince, head of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Department.

The pair are alleged to have been discussing the US$1 million diplomatic passport scandal that erupted in the summer without denying its authenticity.

Rijock followed this up with another post discussing a personal relationship between the pair.

Over the weekend Ince released a statement denying any wrongdoing and labelling the blog posts as “an outright lie” presenting “unsubstantiated issues” as facts.

Since then Rijock has published two more posts, titled The Smoking Gun, which purport to show the WhatsApp messages he was referring to in last week’s blog posts.

The writer – a convicted money launderer who now describes himself as a financial crime consultant – also alleges that hackers attempted to shut down websites carrying his articles.

The legitimacy of the images, or their content, has not been independently verified.

WIC News has contacted the prime minister’s press secretary for further comments as this story develops but since a response with Ince’s statement on Saturday our emails have gone unanswered.

The main opposition party in Grenada, the National Democratic Congress, have declined to comment.

Ince previously warned that if the blog continues to publish articles on this matter then whoever is responsible will be prosecuted “to the full force of law”.



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