Carriacou: ‘Mentally ill’ man dies in police custody

Last updated: 22 December 2017, 9:38 am

The death of a man in police custody on Monday is being investigated by the Royal Grenada Police Force.

Francis Joseph, 52, was found dead at Hillsborough police station in Carriacou just after 1pm.

A statement from the commissioner of police said the Hillsborough resident was a “suspected mentally ill individual.”

“He was taken to the hospital, medication was administered to him and he was brought back to the cell,” Superintendent Solomon Stafford told Grenada’s MTV News.

“When he was checked a few minutes afterwards he had indicated that he was hungry, lunch was ordered for him.

“When the lunch was brought to him it was observed that he was motionless. A doctor was called in and pronounced him dead.”

An autopsy is pending to determine the actual cause of death.



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