Roseau Market back in business this December

Roseau Market.

Roseau Market will begin trading again on Friday, less than three months after Dominica was hit by category five Hurricane Maria.

The market has been closed to the public due to the damage sustained in the storm, which meant the “vending of agricultural produce was not possible”, the Roseau Market Authority said.

“The Market Authority and other stake holders have since conducted the cleaning and sanitisation of the entire market compound to get the market ready for the return of market vendors.

“The Roseau Market will be opened to vendors and the public on Friday, 1 December 2017.”

The authority has expressed concerns over an “escalation of vending of marketable commodities on the streets in the city”, which they say is in violation of the Roseau Market Act.

They referred explicitly to a section within chapter 10.08 of the legislation, which states: “Subject to any Regulation or Bye-laws made under this Act, or any license issued thereunder after the market is opened for public use, no person shall sell any marketable commodity in any place in or one mile beyond the limits of the city of Roseau other than in the market, or in parlour or shops.”

The Roseau Market Authority is warning anyone who is found guilty of breaking this law could be fined $75, or jailed for 14 days if the fine cannot be paid.

Fines and possible imprisonment are also a threat to those purchasing goods from vendors in violation of the Roseau Market Act.

“The Roseau Market Authority has not granted license to any vendors to vend on the streets of Roseau since vending of agricultural produce on the streets is in violation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica,” the organisation said.



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