Sunday, 14th July 2024

Embracing new oppertunities to be the agenda of Dominica's 42nd independence day - PM

Sunday, 7th July 2024

Prime Minister of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit was joined by Roselyn Paul and Cozier Fredrick- Cabinet Minister for his recent Anou Palay episode which went air on Sunday evening. The episode discussed the efforts to improve sports, Kalinago people and their culture among many other subjects.

Minister of Sports, Culture and Community- Roselyn Paul stated that currently there are several ongoing projects in Paix Bouche constituency and a significant wall is under construction which is costed $400,000. She added that the construction of ten climate-resilient homes across the community are almost complete in the constituency.

She added that within the constituency, tremendous work has been done in Paix Bouche basketball. "We did it collaboratively with the young people and every youngster is into basketball."

Minister of Environment, Rural Modernisation & Kalinago Upliftment Cozier Fredrick stated that climate-resilient homes are to be built by the European Union and the World bank in the different areas of Kalinago territory along with several other projects by the government of Dominica.

The minister added that internet connectivity is a human right which is why schools, village council all are equipped with wifi to facilitate the citizens in the area. "The community wifi access is free, and there is wifi connectivity in public places, the final component that has to be addressed is the private homes which is a costly venture, but it will be done in a phased manner," added Mr Fredrick.

Besides this, the minister even discussed the agriculture sector of the country and stated that advanced measures are being taken to improve the sector with new techniques and agricultural science.

"We a prepping to give seedlings to farmers from the newly created nursery in the Salybia constituency," added Mr Fredrick.

Furthermore, he stated that any project in the Kalinago territory requires the support of the general counsel and they have been working together to implement the newest measures.