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Dominica: PM Skerrit applauds young people to participate in Youth Parliament

Sunday, 27th February 2022

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit addressed the thirty young people who will participate in the National Youth Parliament.
Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit addressed the thirty young people who will participate in the National Youth Parliament, scheduled for March 23 to 24, 2022, at the House of Assembly in Dominica. While addressing the youth on Friday, February 25, 2022, PM Skerrit highlighted the significance of the youth parliament for the young generation.

Prime Minister Skerrit informed about the youth parliament that will be held in March and stated that the initiative would encourage active citizenship among youth by increasing their involvement in different aspects of society.

Outlining the significance of the Youth Parliament, PM Skerrit said that it would promote the involvement of youngsters in democracy and governance and give a different and unique perspective to watch the functioning of the government.

"Youth Parliament will fetch the attention of the young generation towards the working of democracy and governance and boost their confidence and skills to debate on any issue of society", underscored prime minister.

He further congratulated the Executive of the National Youth Council of Dominica for initiating the activity to give participants a voice on issues of national interest.

While informing about the various topics of the debate, PM Skerrit mentioned, "The youth parliamentarians will debate on matters such as: Marijuana as an Economic Driver, Mandatory Vaccination, Housing Development, Geothermal Energy and the International Airport".

National Youth Council of Dominica was inaugurated on April 11, 1970, and has a great history of supporting, promoting, and sustaining a tradition of youth development. The council has always worked for the empowerment, upliftment and involvement of the youth and encouraged them to voice on various matters of national and human interest.

The national youth council announced the first Annual Youth Recognition Awards in 2006 to continue their support of youth participation on all levels and sectors of society.

The motive behind the start of awards was to increase the contribution of the youth of Dominica in the upliftment of their communities, nation, and world each day.

Moreover, the youth council stated that the youth parliament would instil confidence among the youth to show their hidden talents and skills.

While appreciating PM Skerrit, one of the residents of Dominica named Francis Hilton said, "I would like to see the full staff members of the house and the speaker of the house in attendance and taking part. Let us do it like the real thing so our young people can get the full experience of the house.