St Kitts-Nevis: Staff development central to ministry retreat

The Ministry of International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs in St Kitts and Nevis has today gathered for a staff retreat.

According to the government’s information service, the day had an objective of “fostering staff development by encouraging and developing further among staff a culture of working together and building new attitudes.”

Minister Lindsay Grant addressed his staff at the event.

“This mandate to my mind suggests that you should see yourselves not as separate units, departments or offices struggling on your own against all odds.

“It should say instead that you are all part of a united ministry interlinked and working together relying on each other and pulling together your individual strengths to deliver what deeply matters to each of you and to people that you serve.”

This first staff retreat is of particular importance as the ministry undertakes its restructuring efforts to ensure high levels of performance and of delivery, said Grant.

He added that the retreat provides an opportunity for the colleagues to get to know each other and look at the upcoming opportunities and challenges with the aim of addressing them on a unified front.

“In a world of growing challenges, vulnerability and shrinking budgets, you cannot afford to not stand together as a ministry,” said the minister.

“To work in isolation or to stand in the way of harnessing the many strengths across our four departments would be doing a disservice to the people that you serve.

“The work planned for your retreat is critical to foster positive change and to build on the foundations in the Ministry of International Trade et al.”


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