Grenada: NDC challenges PM’s party with no bribery pledge

The main opposition party in Grenada has called on the prime minister’s New National Party join with them in a pledge to avoid voter bribery.

The National Democratic Party, which has no seats on parliament but is represented by senators, also want the country’s police force to open a hotline for allegations of bribery in the run up to the general election.

Grenadians head to the polls on 13 March.

The NDC pledge reads: “We, the undersigned major political parties of Grenada – the National Democratic Congress and the New National Party – hereby pledge to not offer any bribes either monetary or in the form of goods – to the electorate of Grenada.

“We further both call upon the police to set up a hotline whereby reports of bribery can be submitted and we jointly call on the police to vigorously investigate reports of voter bribery so that all involved can be brought to justice.

“Grenada’s democracy is at stake and we both agree to protect it by rooting out voter bribery at it’s core.”

The NDC has said it is prepared to sign this statement in a joint press conference with the NNP.

There has been no comment from the New National Party yet.


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