Grenada CBI head denies corruption allegations

Kaisha Ince.

The chairman of the citizenship by investment programme in Grenada has been forced to defend herself after an American blogger alleged a series of professional wrongdoings.

Kaisha Ince released a statement in which she described the claims as “an outright lie” and that it runs “unsubstantiated issues being put out as facts”.

The blog in question is run by Florida-based Kenneth Rijock, a convicted money launderer who now labels himself a financial crime consultant. He said the response was “shoot the messenger” tactic.

This latest scandal began on Thursday when the blog revisited a story that first emerged in August over the alleged $1 million sale of a Grenadian diplomatic passport.

The blogger claimed to have evidence of text messages that implicate Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and Ince.

He followed that with a another post on discussing a personal relationship he believes he has uncovered between the prime minister and Ince – again apparently backed up by text messages.

Responding to his controversial accusations, Ince said: “In his latest blog post, Mr Kenneth Rijock – convicted criminal and self-styled financial analyst – continues on his paid campaign to try to discredit a number of successful CBI programmes in the region, including our own.

“As chairman of the board of the Citizenship By Investment Programme and as one of the persons referred to in Rijock’s fabricated text message exchanges, I roundly reject the latest blog post, which has unsubstantiated issues being put out as facts.

Rijock’s latest blog, like several of the previous, is bogus and an outright lie, intended to mislead and deceive people, and to disrupt Grenada’s CBI Programme.”

Kenneth Rijock allegations about Kaisha Ince
Kenneth Rijock.

She warned that if the blog continues along this path then whoever is responsible will be prosecuted “to the full force of law”.

In a blog post on Saturday, Rijock did not retract his allegations.

He wrote: “We do not make statements without a factual basis; this blog has screenshots showing all the statements quoted in the last article, and we will make that information available to any US law enforcement agency investigating corruption in the CBI and diplomatic passport programmes.”


  1. The USA continues to play Global Policeman, but in fact no longer has any moral or ethical ground upon which to call other countries corrupt. Americans such as this continue to show the rest of the world that they live in a Hypocracy (recently combined with a Kleptocracy) and expect to push that same agenda on other sovereign countries without resistance.

    The entire Federal Administration of the USA has shown itself to be riddled with corruption – as a matter of normal daily politics – and is in the main directed by Big Business through their lobbyists. War has not imposed itself upon US soil since 1766, but the USA has NOT been at war for only three years in all of those 250 years. America’s soldiers have fought and given their lives on foreign soil, mostly in pursuit of wealth for the already-rich who were in the meantime enjoying life in their palaces back home. War is indeed immensely profitable for the US wealthy.

    Without fear of contradiction by any honest person, I would posit that US politicians no longer get themselves elected to serve their taxpaying voter constituents; instead they look after only those who supplement their own income via the same lobbyists, and gerrtymander the boundaries of their own representative Districts to ensure only their most rabid die-hard supporters are within those boundaries. The corruption of their politics never sleeps.

    As in all other areas of the USA, politics is very much a matter of anything and everything being sold to the highest bidder – and you get what you pay for. Their real God is the Almighty Dollar – a confirmation now sealed and delivered by the behaviour of the “Evangelical Christian”(whatever that is) community in supporting an amoral unethical knee-jerk-decision criminal for President who merely has not yet been caught and convicted. Not that dishonesty or conviction would make the slightest difference to American religious zealots.

    It is not a surprise to me that a convicted criminal should now be pointing fingers at foreign government representatives and accusing them of wrongdoing – while presenting assumptions, “alternative facts” and outright lies to “back it up”. After all, their own current sitting President does it on a daily basis, and out in public.

    The fact remains that truth, humanity and civility no longer live anywhere in the USA (if they ever did).


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