Dominica: Recovery continues six months after Hurricane Maria

Statement from Dominica Update

While many things have changed since Maria, it is not all doom and gloom.

Scuba dive and water sport providers are open at all key diving locations.

Seven of them are open for business; Cabrits Dive and JC Ocean Adventures are based in the north, East Carib Dive and Sunset Dive are based in the west coast halfway up the island, while, Dive Dominica, Island Dive Operations, and Nature Island Dive are based around Roseau and in the south of the island.

While some dive sites suffered damage, many of Dominica’s dive sites were protected by their deep waters.

Fortunately, Dominica’s underwater environment sustained little damage.

Our waters, sea life, corals and sponges are healthy and vibrant. On Danglebens Pinnacles, during a recent dive, the first 40 minutes was fine until reaching the shallower profile where some damage was evident.

During the second dive on the Scotts Head drop off, there was more evidence of damage to the larger corals but at the same time smaller corals looked healthy and colourful.

Lobsters, crabs and even a seahorse was seen! So when inquiring about a dive ask about going 45 feet or deeper and doing sites further out from shore.

Those who have dived have been happy with what they saw and stated that after what they saw on land the damage was “not as bad as expected.”

We are making progress on a daily basis and believe that most dive shops will be up and running with equipment, infrastructure, electricity and Wi-Fi before end of summer or fall 2018.

We suggest you email your favourite dive shop and ask what their status is if you are anxious to visit us sooner than late 2018. Your visit will help support our dive businesses which are a vital part of Dominica’s economy.

We soon will have packages available for divers interested in helping clean up the reefs and restoring our sites. Follow us on Facebook at for all of the latest Dominica diving news.

It is great to be back and we all look forward to seeing you again on The Nature Island.


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