More than 300 hundred evacuated from Barbuda

Last updated: September 12, 2017 at 12:57 pm

Over three hundred Barbudans have already been evacuated to Antigua following the unprecedented damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

Yesterday Major Alando Michael, operations officer at the National Emergency Operations Centre, said that work would go on overnight.

Those transported are being accommodated by family members, in shelters, or by other members of the public.

WIC News understands that the evacuation is expected to be completed by noon today.

The twin-island nation’s attorney general today issued a mandatory evacuation order for Barbuda. A state of emergency remains in place.

Shelters in Antigua may also have to deal with people seeking refuge from category three Hurricane Jose, which is expected to pass near this weekend.

Shelters ‘not suitable for people with disabilities’

Yesterday a 24-member search and rescue team arrived, along with supplies that included include water, food and a generator.


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