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Saint Lucia: Soufriere Hospital receives support through OECS Regional Health Project

Wednesday, 22nd November 2023

Soufriere Hospital, Saint Lucia

The Soufriere Hospital of Saint Lucia has received support in the form of new and improved equipment under the OECS Regional Health Project.

With the new pieces of equipment installed, the diagnostic services provided to the clients at the Soufriere Hospital are expected to be enhanced significantly.

The hospital received coolers, a vehicle for specimen transportation and a chemistry analyzer from the project implementation unit of OECS.

The coolers and vehicle for the specimen transportation will be used to safely transfer samples to the labs, and the chemistry analyzer will allow for testing to be done at the Soufriere Hospital.

Janette Hughes is the Project Coordinator of the Health System Strengthening Project and the OECS Regional Health Project. Hughes said that she is pleased that the organisation can make this equipment and the vehicle available to the hospital as they will play a very important role in strengthening the health system and delivery of health services to the citizens. Hughes also said that it is the organization’s expectation that the hospital will maximise the use of the provided resources to better serve the citizens of Saint Lucia.

The Principal Nursing Officer for the Soufriere Hospital, Alicia Alexander, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the supplies. She said, “The availability of chemistry and a haematology machine greatly, and I repeat, greatly significantly strengthens our services.”

Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health Jenny Daniel praised the support received and said that it will allow the Ministry to continue its pursuit to improve the quality of care provided in the Primary Health Care Sector.

He also said that the equipment will also help to reduce the out-of-pocket expenditure for the citizens who come to Soufriere Hospital for treatment. Thus, it adds another milestone to the goal of universal healthcare of the Saint Lucian Government.