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CEO of PlantScape Joy Ann Alie present cheque to Dominica Cancer Society 

CEO of PlantScape Ms Joy Ann Alie, closely relate to the Breast Cancer disease as she had lost her sister Cynthia Alie, back in 2016.

Saturday, 11th November 2023

PlantScape donating cheque to Dominica Cancer Society
Dominica: Plantscape presented a cheque to Yvonne Alexander, the President of the Dominica Cancer Society, on November 8, 2023, to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The cheque was presented by the CEO and owner of the Plantscape, Ms Joy Ann Alie. It was an initiative to represent the success of the Pinktober Promotion that was held during the month of October.  The CEO extended her gratitude to their customers and the public for supporting the campaign. She said that Breast cancer awareness is a cause with which she can closely relate.  She lost her sister, Cynthia Alie, back in 2016 because of this disease. Since then, she has been doing whatever she can to spread awareness and support those ones suffering from this disease.  The donation plays an important role in the society’s efforts towards the treatment for breast cancer. To take preventive measures and care regarding the same. “I am humbled by the overwhelming support from my customers and friends and I am committed to making this an annual initiative”, she added.  PlantScape company organized the Pinktober Promotion campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness month. The campaign featured customized pink planter pots with vibrant pink Chinese evergreen plants. The cause was related to the customers and supporters who want to sympathize with breast cancer survivors and contribute to the mission of the Dominica Cancer Society. About PlantScape Company The company runs an e-commerce based small business. The business specializes in redefining indoor spaces. It uses various tropical plants, customized handcrafted planters and moss poles for the same. The company desires to positively impact people's lives by bringing them closer to nature. They sell indoor plants for residential and commercial places. The company’s motive is to showcase the benefits of plants in making people healthy. Plants are beneficial for many purposes, such as for improving air quality, reducing stress and especially enhancing a person’s mood. They make surroundings healthy and more pleasant to survive. The business runs under the supervision of the owner and CEO Ms Alie, with a vision of making the world more beautiful and sustainable to live.