Sunday, 14th July 2024

Saint Lucia to host Dive Fest in September 2024

As per the reports, the government of Saint Lucia and the travel authority will also join the SLDA to host this exciting event. 

Sunday, 7th July 2024

Saint Lucia to host Dive Fest 2024 from Sept 1-24 (PC - Facebook account of Dive Saint Lucia)
The Saint Lucia Dive Association (SLDA) will be hosting the Dive Fest 2024 in September upcoming year. It will be a 24-day event starting from the event which will start from 1 September 2024 and conclude on 24th. Also known as Anbaglo, SLDA is the representative body of recreational and professional divers, hotel dive centres, dive operators or any other organisation with an interest in maritime affairs on the island.  As per the reports, the government of Saint Lucia and the travel authority will also join the Saint Lucia Dive Association to host this exciting event.  The month-long fest will include several events and activities, such as the following:
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Reef Clean Up
  • Lionfish Derby
  • Lionfish Cook-Off
  • Photography Competition
  • Coral out planting
Anbaglo is said to be committed to the protection and promotion of the diverse and wonderful marine life which Saint Lucia has to offer. Through such events, the association attracts several visitors to indulge in the island's marine life.  While sharing the event details for this upcoming event, the organisers said, "Save the Date! Dive Fest 2024 dates are now in place. Details to follow. Saint Lucia Dive Association – Anbaglo" Interested individuals will soon be provided with the registration links as well as other additional details of this thrilling event.  The country is known for the most scenic environment in the Caribbean, along with world-class dive and snorkelling sites. The annual Dive Fest event will be showcasing the Saint Lucian Dive experience to the participants.  During September, the tourism authority of the country also provides various discounts on hotels for visitors. This is to ensure that visitors don't feel overburdened and can enjoy their stay at premium hotels or resorts. Furthermore, aside from the activities planned under the fest, several diving authorities of Saint Lucia also plan activities for the visitors at very reasonable prices. The guests can engage in this lifetime experience at prices they have never heard of.  Notably, several experienced divers join this event every year as they love the island's hospitality and the organisers's professionalism.