St Kitts-Nevis opposition cry foul over late budget documents

The opposition St Kitts and Nevis Labour Party have said they will be at the National Assembly today despite “anti-democratic attempts” to keep it away.

The party claims they only received documents relating to today’s budget session on Monday, 4 November, describing it as a “deliberate breaking of the laws” by the current administration.

“Come Thursday, we expect to commence with our responses to the Budget. As the people’s representatives, it is critical that we speak on the people’s behalf and ensure that the government’s budget is crafted with the people’s benefit first and foremost within its lines,” said Earl Asim Martin, deputy leader of the SKNLP, at a press conference yesterday.

The government has not responded to his comments.

Martin continued his party’s war of words with the National Assembly speaker, Michael Perkins.

“Speaker Perkins will continue to be bias and unfair. He will continue to collude with the government on every matter before the Parliament,” he said.

“We expect the constant interruptions, the erroneous interpretations of the parliamentary rules and standing orders, and we expect there to be endless attempts to shut down the opposition.”

Last month the leader of the opposition, Denzil Douglas, accused the speaker of “playing to the government side and gallery, and that is not good.”


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