Stabbing death probed by Grenada police

Last updated: November 9, 2017 at 11:06 am

Police officers in Grenada are looking into a stabbing incident that left one man dead.

WIC News understands that police have a man in custody over the attack but no further details on this development have been released.

Derek Harrow has been named as the victim.

The resident of Soubise, St Andrew, was 58 years old.

He was discovered with multiple stab wounds on Friday, 3 November, “sometime after 10pm”, according to police.

“An autopsy is pending to determine the actual cause of death,” the Royal Grenada Police Force said in a statement.


  1. What a cowardly act , young man goes into the heat of the dark hrs into the home of an elder man with one eye and stabbed him to death.i guest he must feel that he is the man . The law should show no mercy to Elvin Mark as he showed no mercy going into a man home and with no other motive not even robbery kill this man . Let me shed some light as i have known and spoken to Derrek Harrow a short time ago . Elvin mark was harassing Derrek young neice who luve in house in front . Derrek told him to leave her alone and it leaded into an argument in which Elvin beat him up with two others breaking derrek ribs . Instead of letting this bliw over since time has passed , Elvin pre meditate a murder and carried it out . Derrek body and hands shows defensive wound as clearly he was fighting for his life. I really hope justice serve this man . Derrek sister went to view the body and said that when she placed her hand on her brother head . Sheds of blood rolled down his eyes . So sad for what this monster did .


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