Barbudans across the globe invited to ‘homecoming’

Barbudans around the world are invited to join the Barbuda Rising Homecoming, which is planned for July on the island of Barbuda.

This grand reunion of Barbudans and friends will reconnect individuals with their homeland and heritage by proactively rebuilding Barbuda with vision, purpose and fortitude and restoring hope, values and identity.

The organisers, who are based across the globe in Barbuda, Antigua, US, UK and Canada, are encouraging Barbudans to attend and be a part of this historic gathering, which aims to encourage stimulating discussions and a sense of belonging.

The homecoming week launches on Saturday 21 July with a #REBUILDBARBUDA village beautification and clean up followed by engaging and inspirational activities throughout the week.

These include including a combined thanksgiving service and reception featuring indigenous Barbudan food, a Barbuda Then exhibit, screening of a Barbuda documentary followed by a discussion on the history of Barbuda and a “Know Your Heritage” family tree activity.

Barbudans will also participate in an intensive consultation entitled Envisioning Barbuda for 2030 and Beyond.

There will also be a photography exhibition featuring the work of professional photographers who have played an important part in the coverage of this Barbudan narrative post-Hurricane Irma.

Additional activities are planned for the younger members of the community.

For Barbudans seeking information about attending this event, flights and accommodation, contact the organisers at


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